Welcome to the website of Papillon Canada. We are the Canadian Kennel Club recognized National Breed Club for the Papillon and Phalène (drop eared) in Canada. Our club is composed of Papillon lovers of all sorts breeders, conformation and performance exhibitors and those of us who cherish this breed as an outstanding personal companion.

Members of our club are devoted to the Papillon and Phalène and strive to protect and preserve this breed that we all find so fascinating and enjoyable. We love the breed for its intelligence, versatility and playful attitude all rolled into a beautiful package with lovely erect ears or soft dropped ones. We work to ensure that this breed is protected so that the characteristics that make it so charming are not lost through poor breeding practices.

Here you will find information on the Papillon and Phalène and our club. There are links to information about health and genetic problems. You will find listings of our members, breeders and Board of Directors and information to consider when looking for a reputable breeder. There is an application for membership should you wish to join us, our Code of Ethics and information about our National Specialties and Papillon Canada Rescue. We also provide the official CKC written standard for Papillons. A wealth of information!

Come on in, have a look around and enjoy. If you have any questions or are looking for further information, please contact us at the email addresses provided. We are more than happy to talk about out lovely butterflies